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Easter Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God – have mercy upon us.

From the beginning, You have shown us that You alone are the source of life.

From the beginning, we have strayed from the source: choosing the illusion of control over the foundation of trust in Your provision.

This Easter we confess – our tendency to hoard the gifts You give us, our addiction to fear over faith, our envy of others, and our bent towards self-destruction.

Apart from You we can do nothing. Apart from You we wither and die.


This Easter we look to your resurrecting power. You conquered the snares of enslavement. You conquered death and thereby our fear of it. In Your mercy, you became the tree of life and gave us back the garden.

So this Easter we boldly turn from death to life, from despair to hope, from doubt to faith in the source of all life.

In the darkness that has been our Lenten season: with its sickness, with its isolation, with its ability to shake our systems of security, we choose to pivot towards the glorious light of Easter and rejoice.

Your roots are deep and will never be shaken. Your unconditional love continues to offer us the oxygen we need. Your resilience is shown through the concentric circles of enduring grace.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God – we rejoice in the deep breath of Your resurrection. We rejoice in Your strength: capable of impossible transformation and redemption. We rejoice in the hope of community restored. We rejoice in the reunion of peace and joy for the world.

Praise You for the Word made flesh, Your mercy embodied, lived and living still: Jesus the Christ.

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