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Long Silence

For those who have been semi-regulars, I apologize for the lengthy silence over the summer and fall. I find that writing needs space and I confess, this has not been a season of much space at the moment. The Kemp family is in the midst of transitioning to our new place in Boise. Randy has been commuting back and forth on the weekends and I have been single-moming it since August. While this is not an ideal situation nor would I recommend it for any length of time, God wastes nothing and I am trying to be receptive. Here’s a few of the highlights in the midst of what I will call our “holding pattern” phase.

-In embracing my mid-week solo parent role, I have had to say no to afternoon piano lessons with a bunch of great students and families. On the flip side, I get to say yes to hanging with my kids in the afternoons. My daughter and I have cherished the time right after the bus drops her off where we can sit around the kitchen table and read Percy Jackson (the latest series), watch Little Men or Dr. Quinn, and sip a warm beverage. My son and I have adopted an afternoon exercise program together on Mondays and Wednesdays. We lift weights one day and spin the other, so that we can enjoy our Thursday ritual of raiding the half-price section of an amazing local bakery while Bennett skates. We stroll around together with our nibbles and reflect on the week. I have come to love these afternoon rhythms with my kids and am so thankful for life-giving time.

-Weekends with Randy become something that everyone looks forward to. Watching the world series game that lasted 18 innings, dipping into the hot tub, catching “Free Solo” at the local theater, making Swedish meatballs together in the kitchen, playing tag on the golf course lawn, making music together at church, driving to mountain bike races, and remembering what a blessing it is to share life with someone are all the fruit of this memorable season. As we have worked through the challenges associated with being apart, I have come to appreciate the honesty, the humility, the forgiveness, and the strength of my husband. I look forward to when we are back under the same roof full time.

-The final highlight is really the many ways that God is teaching me how change (not typically a graceful and easy thing for me) can be approached with expectation, adventure and delight. This weekend we will move our stuff into a new home. We come with high expectations about the memories that will be made in this new place. The process of finding it felt God ordained. The timing, the late night Zillow discovery, the unity of the family, the list of desirables we had hoped for but never dreamed would all be possible, and the ease of it all coming together from two different locations was miraculous to me. In the same way, I feel encouraged to step into all that God has for us in this next season of life. As advent is so good about reminding us, God’s message is often “Do not fear, for I am with you.” As Eugene Peterson put it, “The Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood.” I’m counting on it, Lord.

More to come about the next chapter. Thanks for walking/ reading with me wherever I go. Peace to you.

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