Recipe for Morning Reflection

Recipe for Morning Reflection

Boil water.

Add 1 Tbs Grace Organics coffee to French press.

When water boils, pour a single serving into press and let coffee steep for 5 minutes.

While steeping grab The One Year Christian History, coloring pens or pencils, coloring book of choice, iPhone for music, pencil and Bible.

Press the coffee and pour into mug of choice.

Shuffle play Audrey Assad.

Read the short biography for the day while sipping (today’s was about Archibald Alexander, first professor at Princeton Seminary).

Record thoughts or phrases that stuck out: “The great secret of true comfort lies in a single word, TRUST….If your evidence of being in the favour of God are obscured, if you are doubtful of your acceptance with him, still go directly to him by faith; that is, trust in His mercy and in Christ’s merits. Rely simply on his word of promise. Be not afraid to exercise confidence. There can be no deception in depending entirely on the Word of God.” (pg. 292)

Take some time to ponder while you color a bit.

Welcome the interruption of children as they come downstairs in the morning.

Read scripture and record words/ thoughts that resonate: Psalm 78, “Then he chose David, his servant, handpicked him from his work in the sheep pens. One day he was caring for the ewes and their lambs, the next day God had him shepherding Jacob…”

I find it interesting how God picked his king the way a sheepherder might survey his flock. All the sons of Jesse were brought forward, and Samuel surveyed them all. Then God chose “the runt”, the unexpected one, the one whose potential only He knew. What is the potential in us that only God knows? Do we trust Him enough to follow?

Color some more.

Take time to be silent and listen. Thank God for what is good. Pray specifically for things, people, circumstances the Lord brings to mind. Surrender the day to God and the adventure that is given.

Finish your coffee while noticing the amazing flowering trees outside.




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