Small Wonders

Small Wonders

There are days when we don’t have time for mountain top vistas or lingering conversations. Today was that kind of a day. I had to get two dancers to a camp, and swing by an office to transport a document to another office all before 9am. It was one of those five minute shower and throw left-overs into the last clean tupperware before rushing to the day’s tasks. Given the whirlwind beginning, it was necessary for my soul to walk to get the mail. On the way to retrieve some letters and packages, I passed a small patch of garden whose fragrance made me rubberneck to see what the source of the smells were. I didn’t slow my pace, but enjoyed the brief moment of beauty and color. The bright reds, pinks, purples and yellows offered an alternative glow to the one I have been staring at for hours on my desk. It was a little gift.

A few hours later, I carved out a break for a 10-minute workout to stretch and get my heart pumping again. It was interrupted at minute 7, but it was a brief moment of being thankful for a body that could move and legs that could feel strong as they bent and straightened. Then it was back to my task list, and knocking a few things off of it. Minutes passed quickly, interspersed with brief phone conversations and violin tuners visiting with their very cute new baby. There was a shared exchange of humanity with co-workers in the form of laughter or smiles that kept the day rolling along. Then it was time to lock up and pick up the aforementioned dancers, listen to their 8-year old conversations laced with giggles and ghost stories all the way home.

Friends were dropped off. Bags were too, in time to grab a quick snack from home before racing to a piano lesson. The joy of greeting a friend who had been gone and seeing light bulbs turn on about melodic and harmonic intervals, followed by a brief singing of the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song and then heading to see parents who are back in town. We enjoyed lingering appetizers of sausages, Swedish mustard, and strawberries on the porch while waiting for my husband’s bus to drive by. Laughs and stories of where we came from, coats of arms, royalty or peasentry, and the bliss of family moments where no one has to pretend to be anything because we are fully known and loved. Burgers made it on and off the grill with everyone at the table, followed by belated birthday cake that no one really needed. Home again for a short time to skim Wednesday’s paper, even though it’s Thursday. My daughter asked for help playing her violin piece which led into cozy reading time by her window. She really does have the best view in the house, with the mountains in all their glory.

Some days it is the addition of all those small wonders that make me realize the goodness and abundance of God’s presence in the everyday. Keep my eyes open, Lord.

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